Aguide Debut to Brand-new Medication Solution at Arab Health 2020

Author:AGUIDE   From:上海起有精密机电有限公司  2020-2-21

“We are happy to take responsibilities for offering a better way to improve patient’s compliance with medication.Serve the best to customers is our mission all along.” Air Huang, Sales Director, Qiyou Company

The Arab Health 2020 exhibition scheduled for Monday 27 - Thursday 30 January 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Every year, thousands of medical professionals flock into Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC) for one reason: to attend the most popular medical exhibition, is specifically designed for suppliers in the medical industry. Being one of the most influential events out there, more than 100 thousand people are expected to visit the 5000+ exhibitors showcasing the latest in healthcare, including 3M, TOSHIBA, PHILIPS and SIEMENS.

Since the events debut in 1975, it has gathering numerous suppliers and audiences globally, especially those from hospitals and medical apparatus business in middle-east countries. The tradeshow is segmented into four areas: medical laboratory and instrumentation, hospital and healthcare service, international pharmacy product, equipment and services, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

As for Aguide, being invited to having a presence on the exhibition this year is such a great honor. In January, our sales team, long with Aguide qualified experts will be announced to display the latest innovations to our customers. Attendees can expect to view the newfangled design pill packaging machine, pillboxes with emergency alarm and many other innovations that super exceed their expectations. We do hope to build a healthier future. Everyone can get the convenience from our advanced products. said Rachel Peng ,the sales team manager of Qiyou Company.

Arab Health 2020 is such an ideal event for Aguide to took advantage of, such as forge new relationships, create new opportunities and network with our valued customers all around the world.