Revelation on the novel coronavirus pneumonia(NCP)

Author:AGUIDE   From:上海起有精密机电有限公司  2020-2-21

2020.2.26 Aguide Newsroom On January 30,2020,the government had requiring all retail pharmacies in the city to be registered identifications when selling medicines with symptoms like fever or cough during the incubation periods.Hangzhou, Ningbo, Dalian, Yichun, Mengcheng, Haikou, Sanya and Hubei province have suspended sales of those medicines in all retail pharmacies. As of February 2,mainland China reported 17,187 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia (NCIP), including 362 deaths. The first case was reported in December 2019. Since then, cases have also been reported in at least 23 other countries, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and France.(MERCOLA,2020)

New trend in China health care industry:Separation of clinic from pharmacy


For a long time, hospitals occupied main share of drug consumption channels in China.In 2019, the revenue of bricks-and-mortar pharmacies in China had reached 400.8 billion yuan.In most developed countries, however, the separation of dispensing and prescribing medicines between pharmacies and clinics is a common phenomenon.As the largest sales channel of medical drugs (most of which are prescribing medicines) in Japan is dispensary, accounting for 54.3% (CreconR&C, 2014), and the share is much higher than that in China.With medical policy puts forward, domestic pharmacies are expected to take a more larger share.We are pretty sure to assume that after the epidemic is over, the trial implementation of prescription drugs subcontracting will be a brand-new direction for China to promote the medical policy.

Awareness of rational drug use improved


This epidemic greatly improved domestic people the awareness on using medicines.It is almost a blind scramble for purchasing medicine like Shuanghuanglian oral liquid(a common Chinese patent drug) which doesnt has an Anti-Coronavirus Effect.We should pay more attention that medicines cannot be used blindly. Its best to use them in a doctors guidance.

According to the World Health Organization, one third or so of all deaths are caused by improper medication dosage.According to a new report,the U.S. spends $2000 billion each year on medical care stemming from improper use of prescription drugs.Vast medical costs are driven by patients who dont get the right medication or fail to get their drug and medication errors when patients take multiple drugs.Inadequate oversight on consumer purchasing over-the-counter drugs has led to serious drug abuse.

In this case,Taiwan,Hong Kong and Japan have adopted a model of dispensing packages.Pills are packaged in plastic bags based on doctors guidance.

Meanwhile,with the popularity of smart mobile terminals, more and more hospitals begin to set up health care service Apps, hoping to provide users with accurate doctor advice through devices as smart phones,computer pads and tablets.


Considered the pressing issues need to be addressed,Aguide® made the worlds first Home/Hospital intelligent micro pill packaging machine and photoelectric sensor inductive pill box(AG1701-AG1706).Customer can use our product in many places.Different pattern are catered for various occasions,such as hospitals,residences,clinics ,etc.

Apparently,the distinction between Aguide® and familiar pillboxes are conspicuous as below:

1.Standard Packaging

Upon setting the pill administer time,the machine is able to print out the correct information(name, time,etc)on the transparent pill package bag.Each package is in compliance with the hygienic standard.Every paper roll inside the machine incises 714 pill bags in total.

2.Urgent Message Alert

Once user takes out the first aid pill,the machine will send emergency text messages twice to the present mobile phone number hurriedly,notifying related personnel to contact the user in time.Besides,the screen on the pillbox can record and display each time when you take out the pills.


The pill box can store 2 days or more dose of medicine and contain 8 independent packages. With the Aguide® health care system inside, you will never forget to take medicine. Even if you are on a vacation or business trip.


The packing pill system prints out date, user name and medication time. The information on every transparent package bag make sure that every pill the user takes is accurate.


APP being developed at Aguide® R&D team makes it possible to join patients with caregivers via the Internet.Our device can carry payloads of heavy user data that everyone can yield personalization for a richer experience.


We do hope the contributions can inspire everyone,whenever you are,take actions to protect ourselves,fight for diseases and never attempt to hunt,or eat wild animals again.

In particular,thanks for all the scientists,public health professionals,and medical professionals of China.Without the diligent work they do, the impact wouldnt reduce so effectively.

We are looking forward to witnessing the hustle and bustle of our country. Meanwhile,Aguide® will do anything we can to offer every patients a better medication condition.


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